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Back To Century Battery Charger Starter       Model: ES-6500 or ES6500 Century Battery Charger Portable Power Source
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INTRODUCTION unit has a sealed lead acid battery that should be kept at full charge . Recharge immediately after each use , and every three months if not used . a full charge may cause the battery life to be reduced greatly . This mit contains a smart circuit which allows it to be left on charge continuously without Jamage . CONGRATULATIONS . You have just purchased the finest quality source and engine starters on the market . We have taken numerous in quality control and in our manufacturing processes to ensure that your product arrives in top condition , and that it will perform to your satisfaction . In the rare event that your portable power source contains a damaged or missing item , does not perform as specified , or requires warranty service , DO NOT RETURN YOUR PORTABLE POWER SOURCE TO THE STORE . Please call our TOLL FREE NUMBER in the United States ( 800 - 328 - 2921 ) , or Canada ( 800 - 668 - 8642 ) and ask for Technical Service . Our technical service representative will expedite delivery of your pad . If your product needs warranty service , our technical service representative will help you obtain the fastest remedy possible under the warranty . Save your purchase receipt , it is required for warranty service . 5 1 2 3 4 11 12 1 . 12Vdc Power Receptacle 7 . Case 2 . Test Button 8 . Flexible Heavy Duty Cables 3 . State of Charge Indicators 9 . Heavy Duty Clamps 4 . CHARGED indicator ( charge complete ) 10 . Wall Charger 5 . Safety Storage Holsters 11 . Inverter ( optional ) 6 . Charging Socket 12 . Power Charging Cord ( optional ) Figure 1 . Portable PowerSourceand Accessories Consumer : Retain these instructions for future use . Read all instructions carefully before using this portable power soume . 2
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3 . Optional power charging cord ( see PORTABLE POWER 12 , Figure 1 ) SOURCE FEATURES • ES - 6000 & ES - 6500 : Provides plenty of power for starting ESA - 21 vehicles . More than enough to start most cars . May also be used in SAFETY SUMMARY DEEP CYCLE applications . • The portable power soume will SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - - This power most 12 Vdc accessories manual contains important safety and equipped with a male cigar lighter operating instructions . plug . The dc outlet has automatic overload protection . Contains sealed , • Test switch and LED lights . State o ! non - spillable lead the art circuit . For a complete test , acid battery . Must push test button for 10 seconds , if be disposed of properly . the three red lights stay on , the portable power source is fully IMPORTANT SAFETY charged . INFORMATION • Safety storage holsters prevent WARNING accidental sparking of clamps and rotate 90 ° for easy damp removal . Cable grooves lock the cables for RISK OF EXPLOSIVE clean storage . ( No unsightly GASES , dangling wires ) . Working in the vicinity of a lead acid The portable power source contains battery is dangerous . Batteries the latest technology with its sealed generate explosive gases during non - spillable battery . The portable normal battery operation . For this power source may be stored in any reason , it is essential that you read position . this manual and follow the instructions exactly . Accessories • To reduce risk of battery explosion , 1 . Wall charger ( see 10 , Figure 1 ) follow these instructions and those • ES - 6000 : published by battery manufacturer ESA - 26 and manufacturer of any equipment ( 1.5 Amp 12 Vdc Charger ) you intend to use in vicinity of • ES - 8000 : battery . Review cautionary marking ESA - 210 on these products and on engine . ( 0.75 Amp 24 Vdc Charger ) • Someone should be within range of ES - 6500 & ES - 8500 : your voice or close enough to come ( varies by country ) to your aid when you work near a lead - acid battery . 2 , Inverter ( sold separately , see 11 , Figure 1 ) Have plenty of fresh water and soap nearby in case battery acid contacts ES - 6000 & ES - 6500 : skin , clothing , or eyes . SBPI - 175 , SBPI - 300 , SBPI - 600 Wear complete eye protection and ( 12 VDC to 120 VAC ) clothing protection . Avoid touching Note : Use of an inverter using 240 watts eyes while working near battery . or more requires the connection to If battery acid contacts skin or be made through the clamps instead of the 12 Vdc power receptacle , clothing , wash immediately with 3
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soap and water . If acid enters eye , Do not submerge in water . immediately flood eye with running Do not operate with flammables cold water for at least tO minutes such as gasoline etc . and get medical attention If the portable power source receives immediately . a sharp blow or is otherwise • NEVER smoke or allow a spark or damaged , in any way , have it flame in vicinity of battery or engine . checked by a qualified service • Be extra cautious to reduce risk of person . If the portable power source dropping a metal tool onto battery . It is leaking battery acid do not ship it . might spark or short circuit battery or Take it to the closest battery recycler other electrical part that may cause in your area . explosion . Do not disassemble the portable Remove personal metal itemssuch power source . Have it checked by a as rings , bracelets , necklacesand qualified service person . watches whenworkingwitha lead - The portable power source should acid battery . A lead - acidbattery can never be left in a total discharged producea short - circuict urrenthigh state for any period of time . Damage enoughto weld a ringor the liketo to the battery could be permanent metal causinga severe bum . with poor performance as a result . Use portable power source for When not in usa , leave the portable charging or boosting LEAD - ACID power source connected to the waft battery only . Do not use for charging charger or recharge every three ( 3 ) dry - cell batteries that are commonly months . used with home appliances . These batteries may burst and cause injury OPERATING to persons and damage to property . NEVER charge or boost a frozen INSTRUCTIONS battery . CHARGING YOUR NEW NEVER allow clamps to touch together or to contact the same piece PORTABLE POWER of metal to prevent arcing . SOURCE Use of an attachment not Your Portable Power Source was recommended or sold by the precharged at the factory . It is best for the manufacturer , may result in a risk of battery in the Portable Power Source be damage to the unit , or injury to kept at full charge , We recommend that personnel . you should leave the Portable Power Source plugged in to the wall outlet until it • When using the wall charger or power extension cord , pull on the is required for use . The charging circuit is plug and NEVER ON THE WIRE automatic , and will not overcharge when using the wall charger . When all the when disconnecting . power level lights and the charged light • Do not recharge the portable power come on while charging or the test button source with a damaged wall charger is pressed , your unit is fully charged . or power extension cord . Replace them immediately . The portable power source may be used under any weather condition . Rain , snow , hot , or cold temperatures . Figure 2 . Test Button & Charge Lights However , recharging the unit should only be done indoors . 4
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CHECKING POWER LEVEL c , Allow the portable power source to charge until the CHARGED Check power level of the Portable Power light comes on ( you can monitor Source with the test button . Lightswill the progress by checking the come on in sequence from empty to the red POWER LEVEL lights - charged light . The CHARGED LIGHT will when all three POWER LEVEL come on when the test button is lights are lit the CHARGED light depressed and the Portable Power should eventually come on ) . Source has a full charge . d . Once the CHARGED light RECHARGING THE comes on , charge another three to six hours , ( three hours is PORTABLE POWER acceptable but to ensure SOURCE maximum output capability , six hours is preferred ) . Note : There are two ways to charge the portable power source . The first e , If you are not going to need the method is automatic charging portable power source right with the provided wall charger away you may leave the wall ( preferred ) . The second is charger connected to the through the 12 Vdc power portable power source . We receptacle using the power recommend that the wall charging cord . The second charger remain connected to the method is not automatic and portable power source when - requires watching because the ever the portable power source portable power source could be is not in use . damaged due to overcharging . 2 . With the Optional Charging Cord . The second method will only Start the vehicle engine . Plug one charge one of the two batteries in end of the power extension cord the ES - 8000 & ES - 8500 , so it is into the portable power source not recommended for these units . power receptacle and the other end 1 . With the wall charger . The portable into a vehicle lighter outlet . Press power soume is automatically the test button once every hour to check the POWER LEVEL . When charged using the wall charger . A CHARGING JACK ( found on the all of the red lights and the charged front of your portable power source ) light come on , charge the portable is connected through a smart circuit power source another 1 to 2 hours board to the portable power source to insure a complete recharge . DO making recharging automatic . If NOT OVERCHARGE ! This is NOT your Portable Power Soume is an automatic method of charging completely discharged , it may take the portable power source . You up to 30 hours for recharging , must frequently monitor the Overcharging is not a problem charging process ( POWER LEVEL when using the wall charger and indicators by pressing the TEST the portable power source can be button ) to ensure the portable left connected to the wall charger power soume is not overcharged . indefinitely . Ovemharging with this method will damage your portable power a . Insert the wall charger plug ( see source . 6 , Figure 1 ) into the CHARGING JACK ( mounted on the front of Note : Test button needs to be pressed the portable power source ) to check power level and charged light . b . Connect the wall charger AC / DC ADAPTOR to the ac outlet ( the CHARGING light will light ) .
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; ED AS AN EMERGENCY 9 . Disconnect the negative ( black cable ) clamp from vehicle ground IMP STARTER ( the engine ) . power , do not store 10 . Disconnect the positive ( red cable ) below 50 ° when using as a jump clamp from the positive ( POS , + ) starter . battery terminal . WARNING 11 . Return the clamps to their holsters for storage . RISK OF INJURY FROM USED AS AN ALTERNATIVE MOVING PARTS . POWER SUPPLY FOR NEVER connect the Portable Power VEHICLES Source clamps to a vehicle when the ( FOR 12VOLTSYSTEMSONLY ) engine is running . The portable power source is an ALWAYS stay clear of fan blades , ESSENTIAL tool for all who replace fan belts , pulleys and other moving automobile batteries . Most vehicles have engine parts when working near an some type of electronic component with engine . Moving engine parts can memory , such as alarm systems , cause severe personal injury computers , radios , phones , etc . and when including dismemberment . the vehicle's battery is replaced , memory • ALWAYS make sure that the is lost . However , if the power extension Portable Power Source cables and cord is plugged from the portable power clamps are positioned so they will source to the cigar lighter outlet on the not come in contact with any moving vehicle , the memory can be saved . engine parts . MULTI PURPOSE POWER 1 . Turn ignition off before making SUPPLY cable connections . 2 . Do not touch RED ( POS + ) clamp to The ES - 6000 , ES - 6500 , ES - 8000 , and BLACK ( NEG - ) clamp . ES - 8500 are also portable power sources for most 12 Volt accessories with a male 3 . Use in well ventilated area . cigar lighter plug . 4 . Shield eyes . When used with an inverter , they can 5 . Clamp the positive ( red , + ) clamp to operate appliances normally powered by the positive terminal on the weak 120 Vac or 240 Vac . battery ( for negative ground Note : Use of an inverter using 240 watts system ) . or more requires the connection to 6 . Clamp the negative ( black , - ) clamp be made through the clamps instead to the engine ( ground ) . Make sure of the 12 Vdc power receptacle . cables are not in the path of moving belts or fan . Do not connect to the USED AS A 12 VOLT DC negative clamp to any fuel lines . BAI " rERY CHARGER 7 . Stay clear of batteries whiJejump 1 . Plug the power extension cord from starting . the portable power source to the 8 . Start the vehicle . vehicle's 12Vdc cigar lighter outlet Note : If the vehicle doesn't start within 6 for 30 minutes . seconds , let the TRUCK PAC's NOTE : Some vehicle's ignition keys must internaJbattery cool for three ( 3 ) be tumed to accessory to activate minutes before attempting to start the cigar lighter socket . the vehicle again or damage to the unit may occur .
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2 . Removethe power extensioncord good connection on the andstartthe car . vehicle . Only one side of the clamp carries power - - NOTE : A defective battery may refuse to make sure the side with accept a charge from the portable the cable is connected to power source . bare metal on the vehicle . TROUBLESHOOTING Problem : When trying to use an accessory through the Problem : 1 or 2 lights come on , cigar lighter outlet on the charger is plugged infor 24 portable power source , I hours and there is no heard a clicking sound change in status of lights . coming from inside the Answer : Check charger to see if it portable power source . is charging . Charger should Answer : The accessory is drawing be warm . The charging light too many amps , causing on the Portable Power the internal circuit breaker Source should also be lit if to cycle ON and OFEThe there is a good connection . accessory may be drawing Problem : Charger is working ( it's more than 20 amps or warm ) but stillno change there may be a problem in status of lights . with the accessory ( such Possible defective battery . Answer : as a short circuit ) that is causing the overload Problem : When the test button is condition . pushed , no lights come on , but when the charger is QUESTIONS & ANSWERS plugged into the portable Question : Row many jump starts can power source , all the lights a fully charged Booster come on , pac do before needing to Answer : Defective battery . be recharged ? What wJltcause a battery Question : 1 to 30 . Factors are to go bad ? Answer : temperature , general Intense use without Answer : condition of vehicle , engine allowing a cool down type and size , period : SEE NOTE : USED Can the portable power AS AN EMERGENCY Question : source's battery be JUMP STARTER . replaced ? Problem : Portable power source is Answe _ Yes , call Rapid Repair fully charged but will not Service at US ( 800 ) 328 - start an engine . 2921 CANADA Check where the wire Answer : ( 800 ) 668 - 8642 . meets the jaw on the Can the portable power portable power source clip . Question : source be recycled ? Make sure they are well Yes , the environment was crimped . Move the clamps Answer : one of our main concerns back and forth to verify a
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! H IMPORTANT ! ! ! in the development and designing of the portable BA'I - rERY REMOVAL AND power source . Most DISPOSAL battery outlets can dispose of this product at its life's end . Contains sealed , non - spillable lead _ estion : What is the ideal in - use IPhl acid battery . Must storage temperature of the be disposed of properly . portable power source ? Answer : The battery inside this portable power Room temperature . The source is a sealed lead - acid battery . By portable power source will LAW , it is required to be removed and also operate at below zero recycled or disposed of properly . While temperatures , however its there are federal regulations that must be power will be less . Intense followed throughout the United States , heat will accelerate self your individual state or local governments discharge . may have additional regulations to be followed in your area . Question : I have a regular 10 amp When the battery in this product is in need battery charger , can I use of replacement , remove it according to it to recharge the portable the instructions provided below and take power source ? it to your local recycling center for proper Answer : No , only the wall charger recycling or disposal . If you don't have a local recycling center that handles sealed supplied with the Portable lead - acid batteries , contact your local Power Source should be environmental agency for instructions . used . A higher amp charger may damage the Battery Removal Instructions batteries . Begin by making sure that both booster Question : Is the portable power clamps are securely stowed in their holsters on each side of the portable source goof proof ? power source . Answer : No . Jump starting 1 . Remove all 13 screws ( 4 on the left instructions must be side , 4 on the right side , 4 on the followed . See back of bottom , and 1 under the front label portable power source . near the top ) . Then lift off the back cover . Question : I'm recharging my portable 2 . Remove the cables from the battery power source , should the or batteries . charged light immediately come on ? 3 . Lift the battery out of the front half of the enclosure . Answer : No . The charged light will 4 . To install a new battery , reverse the only come on once the above procedure . Booster pac approaches Note : Remember that the red wires full charge . However , the connect to the positive ( + ) battery charging light ( first one on terminal and the black wires left ) should come connect to the negative ( - ) battery indicating that charging is terminal . taking place .
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