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Back to Craftsman Manuals Page       Model: 82141 Craftsman Digital MultiMeter Manual
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This is a Craftsman Multimeter, Digital, with 8 Functions and 18 Ranges. Manual-ranging multimeter with large 2000 count LCD display, diode test and continuity beeper. 1.5 and 9V battery test. Fuse protected with a rubber holster w/tilt stand.

* Measures up to 600V AC and 10A AC for electrical installation, home, appliance repairs

* Measures up to 600V DC and 10A DC for auto, marine and electronic installations/repairs

* Audible tone sounds below 30ohms to check proper wiring and shorts

* Resistance: up to 2Mohm for household and auto electrical wiring testing and repair

* Diode test for electronic and electrical testing