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1KC84PCHDZV06 Hose unit
10KC70PCHDZV07 Extension wand holder
114368653 On-off switch, above, floor
12KC43GCHDZ000 Lead wire, white
13KC48GCMSZ000 Lead wire, white/red
14KC40KCHDZV07 Dust container
15KC76KCHDZ000 Filter packaging a
164370699 Screw
17KC48HCSRZV07 Cover
18KC66KCSRZ000 Packing, cover
19KC53PCHEZV06 Hose hook
24368563 Screw
20KC21TCSRZ000 Ornamental plate
218175062 Exhaust filter sears no. 20-86889 (available at...
22KC41KCHEZV07 Filter cover
238174943 Locking cam
248192713 Screw
25KC30KCHDZ000 Screen
264369561 Axle
274369562 Washer
284370812 Wheel
294369564 Stopper, wheel (2)
3KC66PCSRZV07 Tool caddy
304370429 Protector
31KC70KBZHZP00 Protector, spring
32KC85VCJNZ000 P.c.b. b-unit
33KC45LCHDZ000 Air outlet packing
34KC37KCSRZ000 Filter
35KC40LCHDZ000 Air outlet insert
36KC55LCHDZV07 Air guide-right
37KC54LCHDZV07 Air guide-left
38KC02FCJNZ000 Support, rubber motor (front)
39KC92FCJNZ000 Motor
4KC11KCHEZV07 Supporter
40KC10GCHDZ000 Motor enclosure
41KC99WCHDZ000 Lead assembly
42KC43GCHEZ000 Lead wire, white
43KC38GCMSZ000 Lead wire, red
44KC48GCHEZ000 Lead wire, brown
45KC41GCHDZ000 Lead wire, blue
46KC48GCMTZ000 Lead wire, white/black
478191894 Lead wire (black)
48KC38GCHEZ000 Lead wire, yellow
49KC60KCSRZPUB Dust cover
5KC68ECJNZ000 Plug, female connector assembly
508175134 Power cord
51KC45KCHDZ000 Valve grommet
52KC74KCHEZ000 Packing
53KC66KCHDZ000 Dust compartment packing
54KC93HCDZ000 Bulb scocket
558192266 Bulb sears no. 20-5248 (available at any sears ...
56KC21HCHDZ000 Window
574368522 Connector
588174824 Wire nut (small)
594370779 Screw, mounting
6KC89VCSRZ000 P.c.b. microcontroller
60KC87GCSRZ000 Pcb, dirt sensor
61KC08MCSRZ000 Indicator window
62KC47VCSRZ000 Led membrane display
63KC28LCSRZV07 Air guide outlet
64KC74ECSRZ000 Seal
65KC35TCSRZ0U0 Label
74370575 Suction inlet packing
84369538 Stopper, cord
9KC74CHDZ000 Dust packing
1KC01ACRCZPUB Nozzle housing
10KC02LBBRZ000 Filter
118192240 Wire, lead (blue)
128192221 Support, rubber motor (front)
138192267 Motor
148174945 Internal gear
158174944 Screw
16KC83CCHDZ000 Gear unit
178174928 Washer
188192278 Nut
198174931 Agitator tube, tufted
2488887 Lead wire
208192279 End cap unit
218174908 Support, rubber motor (left)
22KC57HCHDZV06 Sliding knob height adjust
23KC47ACRCZV07 Pedal
248174907 Plate, pedal
254368563 Screw
26KC11ACHEZ000 Felt seal, lower
27KC27ACHDZV07 Lower plate
28KC34HCHDZV07 Height adjust actuator
298192525 Nozzle roller assembly
3KC76KCJNZ000 Overload protector
30N/P Spring, round (not serviced)
314370183 Cushiion, cam rubber
32KC01CAVGZV06 Wheel
33N/P Washer, not serviced
34N/P Roller shaft (not serviced)
35KC53MCHDZ000 Spacer
36KC94UCHDZ000 Gear assembly
4KC02ACHDZVUS Upper body
5KC11ACHDZ000 Felt seal, upper
6KC10ACHDZV06 Furniture guard
7KC34PCHDZV06 Nozzle hose
88192229 Thermal protector unit
98192239 Wire, lead (brown)
1KC31TCSRZ000 Label
2KC22BCHDZP0B Handle a
3KC86WCJNZ000 Pcb, handle switch
4KC68ECJPZ000 Plug male connector assembly
5KC23BCHDZV07 Handle b
68192573 Cord hook
74368563 Screw
14368684 Tool, crevice *sears no. 20-52631 (available at...
10KC96RCSRZV06 Floor brush
28192260 Brush
38192261 Brush
48192294 Brush
5KC80SBPNZV06 Handi-mate jr.
64370414 Extension wand
74368996 Regulatory, suction
8KC01ZCSRZ0U0 Owner's manual - literature parts
8AKC40ZCWNZ0U0 Repair parts list
8BKC30ZCSRZ000 Label, wiring diagram - literature parts
94369007 Extension, wand
1KC20HCHDZ000 Lid
10KC08HCHDZV07 Lid cover
11KC02UCHDZV07 Actuator
124368879 Screw
138192331 Spring
14KC84KCHDZ000 Filter assembly - sears no. 20-82912 (available...
15KC14KCHDZU01 Filter support
16KC19HCHDZV07 Packing
174368879 Screw
18KC48KCHDZV07 Lead wire, white/red
19KC25KCHDZV07 Dust box plate
2KC76BCHDZV07 Handle cover
20KC73KCHDZV07 Dust box packing
21KC81KCHDZV07 Dust box holder
224368879 Screw
23KC42KCSRZ0U0 Case
24KC66JCHDZU01 Cap
3KC64BCHDZV07 Handle
4KC60BCHDZV06 Lever
54368879 Screw
6KC61KCHEZ000 Knocking cam
78192121 Cam, knocking
8KC52KCHDZV06 Crank arm
94368938 Screw