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Back To Troy-Bilt Generator       Model: 030247-0 or 0302470 Troy-Bilt 8000 Watt Portable Generator Owners Manual
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Wiring Diagram & DANGER HAZARD SYMBOLS AND MEANINGS Schematic Physical contact with lenergizedult electrical components will resata in dangerous and possibly f SAFETY WARNINGS electrical shock Do not touch bare wires or • receptacles . EXPLOSION FIRE SHOCK Safety Alert Symbols WARNING The safety alert symbol ( ) is usedin to identify hazards that can result DISCONNECT personal injury . A signal wordUTION ) SPARK PLUG ENTANGLEMENT ( DANGER , WARNING or CAbol is used with the alert sym to Accidental starting of the unit may cause entanglement or indicate the potential severity of electrocution injury . In addition , a hazard symbol may be used to represent the type DANGER of hazard . Generators produce powerful voltages . Failure to tisolateility generator from power u ccantric • Where applicable , disconnect the result in death or injury to ele negative ( - ) battery terminal DANGER : Indicates a hazard utility workers due toal backfeed of electric energy . • Disconnect the spark plug wire . which , if not avoided wills result in death or seriou • Remove the control panel fuse when • When testing generators used for backup available . injury . power , notify utility company . WARNING : Indicated avoided CAUTION hazard which , if not ah IMPORTANT : The measuring could result in deat or These wiring diagrams andfor equipment used in troubleshooting serious injury . schematics are intended usecal this equipment should be lofd by trained and qualified electri industrial quality and shou have service technicians who nniareppedritygdl working in a properly uequamiliasiatia the sensitivity to measure electronic service environment . oFd values to the third decimal . Itsh CAUTION : Indicates ta with the proper meth ofentn accuracy should conform wit hazard which , if no avoided tools , measuring equipmesse service procedures is to acceptable industry tolerances . might result in death or performing rsuccessfulepair Ensure that all specified toolsblehoot . serious injury . troubleshooting and of this and / or equipment are bavailales equipment . before attempting to trou • Only qualified electrical technicians should attempt to service this equipment . Rev . 02162007
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8000 Watt Portable Generator SCHEMATIC 1
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8000 Watt Portable Generator WIRING DIAGRAM 2
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