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Hello, welcome to Hammerwall.com Sales. BETA.

This area more or less works similiar to craigslist. It doesn't cost anything to list, there are no fees, we don't ask for a credit card or payment.

Essentially to use this, just search to the right for what you are looking for, either by category or using the search box. You can restrict your search using a valid 5 digit zipcode, and selecting the size of the bounding box around that zipcode.

You can ask the seller a question on the item page, and you can see your messages under the messages tab

To list an item for sale simply click selling, and fill in the form, then on the next page at the bottom you will upload your pictures.

This is a work in progress, so some things are bound to change, some new features will pop up as completed

This area is for listing actual real products, items, or services, as such we don't allow digitial products to be listed for sale, and they will be removed

Please only list things that are family friendly, as in no items of a sexual nature, drug related, weapons, illegal, or otherwise that may be offensive to a regular person. We reserve the right to remove anything at anytime for any reason, and you accept full responsiblity for any outcome that may arise from using this service, and absolve hammerwall.com from any liability.